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For a less expensive version of our Cloisonne' pin that has the same look and PMS color options, try the Die-Struck Soft Enamel. A softer enamel is painted into the recesses of the brass die-struck base, leaving a relief effect that lets you feel the die-struck pattern. Gold, silver or nickel plated. Add a clear epoxy dome for long-lasting durability and a shiny, finished look.

Process: Copper stamped with soft enamel.
Base metal used: Copper / Zinc Alloy / Iron.
Enamel: Soft Enamel
Standard thickness: 1.2mm
Plating: Gold /Antique gold / Silver / Antique Silver / Nickel / Black Nickel / Antique Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass / Dyed Black
Epoxy coating: (Optional)
Attachment: Various
Color reference: Pantone Color Chart